Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fall of Giants

Title: Fall of Giants
Author: Ken Follett
Genre: Historical Fiction
Sub-genre: romance, history
Pages:  1000
Published: 2011
Publisher: NAL Trade
ISBN: 0451232577
Series: Century Trilogy, #1
Reader's Annotation: Several different stories intertwine with the 20th century's first major war
Summary: Follett weaves a long tale of several stories of different families from different cultures and classes through the tale of World War I. From a lower class coal mine workers to a Lord from Wales, to Russian workers, Follett allows the reader to gain a new prospective on a war that was suppose to end all wars.
My Evaluation: Such a long book! I'm really glad I finished it. Follett, while over writes some details like the exact brand of gun or grenade, weaves a good tale. You grow to love the characters and wonder what happens to them. This and the fact that within each chapter, the story jumps from family to family so sometimes you have rack your brain as to what happened to that character because sometimes Follett takes a long break from them. I did get use to it after a while but it was kind of annoying
Rating:  4.7 out of 5